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  • Assessment

    AssessmentThe Myotherapist can assess acute injuries, long term pain and stiffness

  • Treatment

    TreatmentMyotherapy uses a range on treatment techniques to treat and correct your pain and stiffness

  • Rehabilitation

    RehabilitationThe myotherapist will prescribe exercises and stretches to aid in your recovery and fitness

  • Dry Needling

    Dry NeedlingMyofascial dry needles are used to treat muscle pain and trigger points.

    Dry Needling
  • Podiatry

    PodiatryAssess your gait, foot ware, general care and orthotic needs


What is Myotherapy

Myotherapy is the assessment and skilful hands on treatment of muscular injury and stiffness affecting movement and mobility. 

Myo – is Latin for muscle, but as Myotherapists we treat lots more than just muscles. We treat soft tissue pain coming from areas such as sprains in ligaments, and tears in tendons, nerve pain in the legs and toes. It is also the management of long term joint and muscular pain. As Myotherapists we are highly trained in prescribing exercises to return you to fitness and health.


Why is Myotherapy better??

Myotherapy takes the hands on skills of a really good remedial massage therapist and combines it with the clinical knowledge of a sports physiotherapist. Making for a therapist that can assess your injury, and can help relieve pain with massage and trigger point therapy. Myotherapists are also highly trained in dry needling – a technique using acupuncture needles to treat muscular pain and stiffness.
Myotherapists also love prescribing rehabilitation exercises. These are normally tailored to your individual needs and capabilities. Helping you take control of your recovery and live a pain free life.

We believe Myotherapy is an awesome cost effective alternative to other therapies.


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Treatment Options

Our clinic offers a wide range of treatment options upon the assessment of your condition:

  • Massage: highly specific muscle manipulation and deep tissue massage.
  • Stretching: Stretching exercises help increase blood flow and reduce tension.
  • Cupping: Using special suction cups is a treatment that draws blood to an affected area.
  • Trigger point therapy: The practitioner will treat trigger points that are highly irritable areas of pain in the soft tissue by applying varied hands on therapies.
  • Dry Needling: is the insertion of dry needles into muscles, reducing muscle tightness by deactivating trigger points causing pain.
  • Rehabilitation exercises: The myotherapist will recommend rehab exercises and prehab exercises specifically to you’re for condition.
  • Podiatry: Nail and skin care, heel and shin pain prevention, and  Gait analysis.
  • Pilates: Floor and mat bases classes for rehab and strength work
  • Bowen: Gentle muscle manipulation that can be used on the young and old.