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What is Myotherapy?

Myotherapy is the assessment and skillful hands on treatment of muscular injury and stiffness affecting movement and mobility.

Why is Myotherapy better??

Myotherapy takes the hands on skills of a really good remedial massage therapist and combines it with the clinical knowledge of a sports physiotherapist. Making for a therapist that can assess your injury, and can help relieve pain with massage and trigger point therapy. Myotherapists are also highly trained in dry needling – a technique using acupuncture needles to treat muscular pain and stiffness. Myotherapists also love prescribing rehabilitation exercises. These are normally tailored to your individual needs and capabilities. We treat soft tissue pain coming from areas such as sprains in ligaments, and tears in tendons, nerve pain in the legs and toes. It is also the management of long term joint and muscular pain. Helping you take control of your recovery and live a pain free life. We believe Myotherapy is an awesome cost effective alternative to other therapies.

What is Allied Health?

Allied Health is a term which is used to describe health Professionals who are not Doctors, Nurses and Dentists. Allied Health Professionals tend to work in multidisciplinary clinics.

Our Clinic Professionals include: Myotherapists, Naturopaths, Osteopaths, Remedial Massage therapists and Bowen therapists.

Podiatrists are great at treating feet, ankle and lower leg problems. Naturopaths are great at helping people manage systemic disease with a natural approach. Osteopaths have a gentle manipulative approach to health and wellbeing. Remedial massages are fantastic at treating general stiff and sore muscles and Bowen therapy is a gentle alternative to other soft tissue therapies.

Other Allied Health Professionals may include: Dietitians, Exercise Physiologists, Speech therapists, Chiropractors and Physiotherapists

Myotherapy can assess acute injuries, long-term pain and stiffness
Myotherapy uses a range of treatment techniques to treat and correct your pain and stiffness
Myotherapists prescribe exercises and stretches to aid in your recovery and fitness
Myofascial dry needles are used to treat muscle pain and trigger points
Assessment, Pain Management, and Pain Education


Major health funds accepted, including those below and many more!