To Heat or not to Heat? That is the Question..

I have this question asked every week, so here we go. The answer is not black and white so let me give you four guidelines to help you determine whether to use heat or ice on your pain. 1. If you can see the bruise, use ice. If you have just injured yourself and the bruising […]

5 Ways to Survive The Festive Season

Self-Care ideas to help you cope with and enjoy the busy season. Make a Plan Plan out your week, including diet, exercise, down time etc. Prioritize – avoid feeling overwhelmed and unnecessary stress Meals Pre Prepare meals – to avoid meal stress and the temptation to opt for unhealthy nutrient starved choices. Eating well will […]

Does Your Desk Stand the Test?

Does your desk stand the test? The problem In the clinic we see a lot of neck and shoulder pain and this can cause chronic headaches relating to sitting at a desk for extended periods.  Every day we get asked whether a stand up desk might help. The answer is yes, but there are a […]

Trying Anything to Recover Quicker For Your Finals Games?

With finals just around the corner, recovery comes to the front of everyone’s mind (this should be done all year but that’s too much effort!) As a Myotherapist and former Australian team sprinter I know receiving regular Myotherapy treatments is a key factor in keeping the legs ticking over, but I also need something   […]

Is Achilles Pain Your Achilles Heel?

Achilles pain and tendinopathy can debilitate an athlete and make long working days hell for sufferers with swelling and thickening around the Achilles, making it stiff and weak. It’s also painful because the body can’t tolerate the load and stresses being put on it. Traditionally stretching has been recommended but over stretching may be causing […]

Simple Stretches to Get Ahead of the Crowd

As Myotherapists we’re always looking at ways to prevent injury, and at home or work, stretching is always a good start. The main thing with stretching is you DO NOT want any PAIN! Just take the body though its range of movement until you feel a nice gentle pull or tug. I’ve put together a […]

How to Easily Build Strong And Stable Ankles

In the world of sport, ankles are the most commonly injured area of the body, so why do we neglect them so often? In soccer, 87% of all injuries involve the lower limbs, many of them being categorised as ankle injuries. In the AFL alone, it’s estimated that over 100,000 of the currently registered participants […]

Improve Your Shin Pain With These Top 4 Powerful Tips

Shin splints is a common term which encompasses all facets of shin pain, it can last months or just days and here are the most effective tips to get you back on track as quickly as possible. 1. Activity Have you increased your exercise recently? If so this can cause an overload of the muscles […]

How Much Foam Rolling Is Too Much?

This is a question which a lot of athletes and gym junkies ask regularly. The answer is often a lot less than your PT or coach may recommend. Massage can be traumatic to the tissue being treated, so rolling on a hard foam roller can do you damage which you then have to recover from. […]