2017’s Best Football Boots!

With the football pre-season underway, make sure you give your feet the premiership treatment. There are a plethora of football and soccer boots out there, so how do you know which will keep you in good stead this season? Our sports podiatrist, Grace Byrnes has you covered for 2017! It’s important they have strength through […]

Balance Foot Care’s Best School Shoes For 2017

‘Quality school shoes can help prevent many foot, ankle and lower limb problems in children and adolescents.’ ​ Christmas and New Year has come and gone and it is the final week of school holidays. It’s about this time you remember the duct tape and staples holding last years school shoes together. ​ Fear not! […]

Tim is Getting Acquainted with Mauritius

As many of you are aware Timothy King and his family are away in 2017. They are establishing a health company in Mauritius than can host professional therapists to volunteer medically in Mauritius and Madagascar. Here are some snaps of their journey so far.

The Road to Recovery And Chronic Pain

Chronic pain is generally defined as ongoing pain lasting longer than 6-12 weeks. This type of pain can be hard to treat as it has lots of layers and is not just a primary injury or pain point. There are four layers of pain: physiological, neurological, psychological and biomechanical. The physiological layer is when the […]

Myotherapy is For Everyone

Over the last year I have begun working closely with clients living in Geelong’s disability care system. I’ve found the treatment plans have been liberating for my clients, who are often living in frustrating and complicated situations and it’s been a learning experience about how treatment is not just about pain. While the treatment is […]

Carpal Tunnel – A Personal Story

A number of years ago my mum was diagnosed as suffering from severe carpal tunnel syndrome in both wrists and surgery was recommended as the only solution. As is usual with this condition, each surgery is performed independent of the other so that you still have the use of one hand while the other recovers. […]

Jaw Pain And TMJ (Temporomandibular Joint)

The jaw is the most complicated joint in the body and jaw pain is often behind a lot of headaches and facial pain. Many people find their jaws’ click, pop or grind when they chew, talk or laugh. Sometimes this is perfectly normal but if you find you experience this often or it’s painful, it […]