To Heat or not to Heat? That is the Question..

I have this question asked every week, so here we go. The answer is not black and white so let me give you four guidelines to help you determine whether to use heat or ice on your pain. 1. If you can see the bruise, use ice. If you have just injured yourself and the bruising […]

5 Ways to Survive The Festive Season

Self-Care ideas to help you cope with and enjoy the busy season. Make a Plan Plan out your week, including diet, exercise, down time etc. Prioritize – avoid feeling overwhelmed and unnecessary stress Meals Pre Prepare meals – to avoid meal stress and the temptation to opt for unhealthy nutrient starved choices. Eating well will […]

Does Your Desk Stand the Test?

Does your desk stand the test? The problem In the clinic we see a lot of neck and shoulder pain and this can cause chronic headaches relating to sitting at a desk for extended periods.  Every day we get asked whether a stand up desk might help. The answer is yes, but there are a […]