2017’s Best Football Boots!

With the football pre-season underway, make sure you give your feet the premiership treatment.

There are a plethora of football and soccer boots out there, so how do you know which will keep you in good stead this season? Our sports podiatrist, Grace Byrnes has you covered for 2017!

It’s important they have strength through the center of the boot to prevent overuse and fatigue of your arch, but are flexible enough at the toes to allow for efficient gait.

Being an avid Geelong football fan Grace has used her favorite player, Harry Taylor’s number and compiled a list of the top 7 football and soccer boots that will keep you kicking goals!

1) Asics Gel lethal club
2) Asic lethal tigreor
3) Asic lethal speed flash
4) Nike Metcurialx victory
5) Adidas Ace 16.1
6) Puma Evo touch 3 or
7) Evo power vigor 3

These boots can be found at Rebel sport or Athletes Foot in Geelong.

If you would like further advice or injury prevention tips, don’t hesitate to get in touch or book an appointment in Geelong today!

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– Grace Byrnes