Customised Running Technique Analysis

Are you a seasoned runner or just starting out? Whether you want to improve your time, or decrease your pain while running – Grace Byrnes can help with a customised running technique analysis. Our experienced Podiatrist can help you with all areas of your running. Call the clinic now on 52222358 to secure your appointment, […]

Effects of Poor Posture are Hard To Digest

Yes life has become busy! It’s so easy to slip into the habit of having the odd quick meal in front of the television, or has this unintentionally become your normal? Not sitting at a table to eat can have a huge impact on our posture which has a roll on effect influencing digestion, social […]

Could Poor Posture Be Adding To My Gut Issues?

Poor posture can cause havoc on our internal organs, especially relating to our digestive function. Volloria et al. discovered patients with Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) that complained of bloating and gas commonly had unusually relaxed oblique abdominal muscles, possibly caused by unusual diaphragm contractions. This study highlights some of the negative effects adopting a compromised […]

Building Self-Image Through Positive Posture

The lifestyle and health implications of poor posture, in particular having meals in front of the TV, can lead to the formation of other bad habits. Eating away from the dining table is also increasing our “disconnectedness” with one another impacting our mental health. This was reinforced in a 2017 YouGov British study finding that […]