Spikey Ball Demonstration

Spikey ball demonstration Tom and Ange demonstrate in this video how to use a Spikey ball (or trigger point ball) to release your glutes. It is best to start off really gently with a spikey ball rather than provocatively, because they are very hard and can hurt. If you roll on the ball gently (as […]

Posture Pole Demonstration

Tom’s going to show us how to use a posture pole – which is basically half a foam roller. It is most important to make sure your head and tailbone are supported on the posture pole. Starting with your knees bent up takes the pressure off your lower back. When still you can slowly lower your legs […]

Immune Boosting Chicken Soup

Chase away those winter time nasties!! I love following ‘The Healthy Chef’ and this Polish inspired soup has become one of our firm family favourites. It is packed full of yummy ingredients to support your body, especially through the rigours of winter and will warm you from the inside out, right down to your toes! […]

Coughing: Can Myotherapy Fix a Chronic Cough

Well I bet you thought treatment for coughing was out of the scope of Myotherapy. Think again! Coughing is a reflex. Coughing is a reflex that involves skeletal muscles everywhere. In your neck, back, throat, abdomen. Is it that surprising that manipulating these muscles might reduce and often resolve the symptom of chronic coughing? A chronic cough […]