Headaches – What Kind Do I Have?

This article is a general introduction to headaches. We will discuss the two major types and what can be done about them. Years of headaches! A testimony. ‘…I suffered from chronic headaches for more than 10 years. I  tried everything: tablets, physios, chiropractors; you name it, I tried it.  Nothing worked until a friend put me […]

Headaches, How Does Myotherapy Really Work?

The actual pain that you present with is normally just the ‘visible’ part of your problem. Your movement patterns are what really need to change to address the ‘cause’ of your pain. Let me explain . . . The human body will deliberately and subtly restrict your movement in response to injury or overuse for weeks […]

Hayfever Season is Approaching Fast

Springtime maybe just around the corner …. Ah, the bliss… the change in seasons may be eagerly awaited … that is, unless you suffer from HAYFEVER! For many the thought of springtime may just leave some running for cover and all that they can think about is the  looming onset of a heavy head, the […]