Tooth Pain, Ear Pain, Joint Clicking, Headaches? It Could Be Your TMJ

I consulted a patient, let’s call her Mary, who had not been able to open her mouth more than 20mm (that’s about a finger width) for about a month. To try and open any wider was simply too painful. A few treatments, some good education around the cause of the pain and a bit of […]

Prevent Common Lower Leg Injuries By 69% With This Injury Prevention Warm Up

We have created an injury prevention warm up for local sporting clubs and coaches based on FIFA, and current research into injury prevention. Our aim is to help reduce common lower limb injuries by up to 69%. Hamstring strains are the leading cause of missed game time, and women are 5 times more liking to […]

Customise Your Footy Boots For 2019

Footy is well underway and I’m excited! With Geelong not only joining the AFLW this season, but leading their category, there is a lot of hype in town! Having your biomechanics assessed and choosing the correct footwear is one of the best ways you can prevent injury this season. With up to 4 x your […]