Desk Ergonomics: Prevention Before Tension

Okay, if this headline caught your eyes, you’ve likely experienced some form of pain or discomfort during your workday. AND… you are probably wondering if your chair or desk set up could be contributing to the sore neck or back you’ve had the past few weeks. Let’s dive straight into the common workplace postures I […]

What is the Best Therapy For You? Ange Gives You The Low Down

‘So what’s the difference between Myo, Osteo and Physio?’ This is the age-old question we get asked 100 times a day. Whilst Myo is still in its infancy and not as well known as the other therapies, we expect this question and love it. Guess what? There is NO difference between all these therapies! We […]

What You Need To Know About Your Knees!

Are you having issues with your knees? We have put together some simple tips to help. Please use in conjunction with recommendations from your Practitioner. You can find the PDF to download here: KNEE Infographic

Exercise Therapy For TMD

  The use of myofunctional exercises may be used to ease pain and improve the function of the jaw and facial muscles. We have put together the following Exercise therapy for TMD. Please use in conjunction with prescription advice from your therapist.

Due To The Quarantine I’ll Only Be Telling Inside Jokes

Yes, dad jokes are a great way to get through some of these tough times and I know you all had a giggle at that one!! I thought I would give you a little insight into what practitioners are getting up to whilst in isolation. Exercise is my number one go to! Luckily, I bought […]

Getting You From Acute Back Pain To Functionally Fit

Given the correct exercise prescription we can get you from acute back pain to functionally fit. These exercises should be performed under the guidance of your practitioner. They are not tailored to specific back injuries and are of a general nature. To download your own printable version of the lower back pain exercises please click […]

How to Have Superhuman Strength (Sort of)

“Engage your core” … how many times have you heard that? So much that it has probably become lost in translation. Do you ever feel like your body is just shaking and straining when trying to complete an activity that requires some form of stabilisation of your muscles? Chances are you could benefit from some […]

Ergonomics for Office Workers

We are lucky enough to have our very own Ergonomic Consultant working from MAHG. We have drawn on his expertise and now you can benefit too with these great tips (available to download here): Office Ergonomics Important tips for Office Workers: Remember to check your work station every day, especially if you share it with […]

Lower Back Pain: Rule of 10s

Lower back and sciatic leg pain are symptoms that I see every week. When the pain is arising from discs in the lower back, as it often is, then the first thing you need to be doing is avoiding activities that irritate the disc. The easiest way to encapsulate these principles is in a few […]