How to Have Superhuman Strength (Sort of)

“Engage your core” … how many times have you heard that? So much that it has probably become lost in translation. Do you ever feel like your body is just shaking and straining when trying to complete an activity that requires some form of stabilisation of your muscles? Chances are you could benefit from some […]

Ergonomics for Office Workers

We are lucky enough to have our very own Ergonomic Consultant working from MAHG. We have drawn on his expertise and now you can benefit too with these great tips (available to download here): Office Ergonomics Important tips for Office Workers: Remember to check your work station every day, especially if you share it with […]

Lower Back Pain: Rule of 10s

Lower back and sciatic leg pain are symptoms that I see every week. When the pain is arising from discs in the lower back, as it often is, then the first thing you need to be doing is avoiding activities that irritate the disc. The easiest way to encapsulate these principles is in a few […]

Pain Relief for Office Workers

Admin superstars this one is for you! We have put together a series of stretches for you to complete during the day at your desk to help you with your aches and pains. You should alternate these stretches, by choosing a different box every 1-2 hours, or as required. For your own printable version of […]

Lift Your Winter Spirits With a Mid-Year Celebration

There are those of us who embrace the crispy chill in the air, those who find the smell of rain refreshing, those who find the drop in temperature invigorating, and those of us who find comfort and a sense of calm, reflection and inner peace in the warmth and nurturing glow of an open fire.  […]

Arthritis – Combatting the Morning Stiffness That Winter Brings

The cold nights are upon us, and with that comes feelings of angst for arthritis sufferers. For over two million people living in Australia with this condition, the cold weather brings an increase in the stiffness and pain in the joints that are affected by osteoarthritis. People living with osteoarthritis will typically describe pain and […]

Turmeric – The Powerhouse Nutrient

The powerful benefits of including Turmeric into your health regime are undeniable.  It is a noted strong antioxidant and powerful anti-inflammatory to the whole body, in fact, studies have found that it matches the effectiveness of some anti-inflammatory drugs, only without the side effects. This magic is attributed mostly to the curcumin compounds in the Turmeric itself. The […]

Tooth Pain, Ear Pain, Joint Clicking, Headaches? It Could Be Your TMJ

I consulted a patient, let’s call her Mary, who had not been able to open her mouth more than 20mm (that’s about a finger width) for about a month. To try and open any wider was simply too painful. A few treatments, some good education around the cause of the pain and a bit of […]

Prevent Common Lower Leg Injuries By 69% With This Injury Prevention Warm Up

We have created an injury prevention warm up for local sporting clubs and coaches based on FIFA, and current research into injury prevention. Our aim is to help reduce common lower limb injuries by up to 69%. Hamstring strains are the leading cause of missed game time, and women are 5 times more liking to […]