Customise Your Footy Boots For 2019

Footy is well underway and I’m excited! With Geelong not only joining the AFLW this season, but leading their category, there is a lot of hype in town!

Having your biomechanics assessed and choosing the correct footwear is one of the best ways you can prevent injury this season. With up to 4 x your body weight being loaded onto each limb when we run, you can see why your footwear should be the smartest investment you make this season.

Qualities to look for

  • Uppers are strong and durable (leather is best as it is breathable and moldable)
  • Strong midfoot (doesn’t bend in the middle)
  • Flex at toes
  • Comfort and feel
  • Try boots on with your normal football socks, braces and orthotics to ensure the best fit

Now onto football boots and how you can customise the right ones for you. Below I have picked out my top picks for 2019. One thing to note is that the Asic range all have a 10mm heel drop which is great for growing bodies, and players who suffer from tight calves and achilles or shin splints.

Now that you’ve picked your boots for the season, read on for some simple tips you can implement to help keep you out on the field!  

Football boot Suited for Ground type
Asic Lethal Tigroer –       Players with weak ankles or
–       Players who do a lot of jumping.
This is due to having a deeper heel counter that offers more support and cushion to the ankle.Also has more sprigs under foot for increased grip when wanting to sprint off, but this makes the sole of the boot stiffer.
Asic Lethal Testimonial –       Players who want more flexibility and give from their boot.
–       Players who want to feel the boot less.
This is due to less sprigs under foot and a softer heel counter.
Asic Menace –       Players who prefer a Lighter boot
–       Players who play on wet fields.
This boot is lighter due to the upper being made from synthetic material instead of kangaroo leather. This also means it doesn’t absorb moisture from the ground.
Asic Lethal Flash –       Heavier players
–       Players that want more grip from the ground.
Originally designed for rugby players, this boot has more sprigs under the forefoot for better grip and traction.
Wet and softer grounds
Nike Tiempo Legend –       Players that like a lightweight boot
–       Players that like a more flexible fit.
Due to the boot having a combination of light weight fly knit and kangaroo leather, this boot moulds to the foot well.
New Balance Visaro Pro –       Players who have a wide foot
–       Players who like a cushioned boot.
Due to a wider stud configuration and a 5mm eva midsole this boot provides a softer feel under the foot.


Factors that decrease your injury risk

  • Train in your runners

Runners offer more shock absorption than football boots, which means they cushion and can reduce stress going through your lower limb. Keep your boots for game day and when the ground becomes wet or muddy.

  • Proper warm up and cool down

Warm up prepares the body for the increased demands training and game day provides, and cool down aims to remove lactic acid from the muscles which in turn helps prepare your muscles for their next exercise session.

  • Cross training / strength sessions

Stronger muscles improves the body’s ability to support the joints and bones when moving or under impact.

I hope you’ve found this blog helpful, feel free to tag any friends or family members you think will benefit from reading this.