Due To The Quarantine I’ll Only Be Telling Inside Jokes

Yes, dad jokes are a great way to get through some of these tough times and I know you all had a giggle at that one!!

I thought I would give you a little insight into what practitioners are getting up to whilst in isolation.

Exercise is my number one go to! Luckily, I bought a lot of gym equipment many years ago after we got kicked out of the gym for doing ‘dangerous’ exercises! (Box jumps back in the days before cross fit!)

Here’s one of my go to workouts. See how long it takes you; the quickest I’ve got it down to is 16 mins!

  • 4 sets of max chins ups (or push ups if you don’t have a bar)
  • x20 kettle bell swings
  • x10 counter movement jumps (landing with knees bent)
  • x15 bent over rows
  • x10 push outs with fitball
  • x15 each foot quick legs
  • x15 fitball feet to hands
  • x10 each way fitball roll arounds
  • x6 long jumps
  • x15 pull ups
  • x10 each side adductor Copenhagen’s
  • x15 tricep dips

Running, of course, is a necessity of life! I know not all of you agree and think I’m crazy, but I’m ok with that. For those that want a nice quick running session, here’s an oldie but goodie of mine:

  • 2x90seconds (90seconds run/90seconds walk/90seconds run/90seconds walk)
  • 4×60 seconds
  • 6x30seconds
  • 8×15 seconds

In total it should be 24mins (let me know if you need more clarity on this).

To time it, there is an app called Intervals Pro. It’s super easy to use and the phone will buzz you when to walk or run; you don’t even have to think about it. Download it and have a go!

As some of you know I have many loves in life and one is gin, which is, of course, always consumed responsibly…. It comes with many benefits including helping with hayfever (you can thank the juniper berries for that). Fun fact: the Dutch actually created gin! I know, I also thought it was the British with all the London gins out there. On a serious note, please consume alcohol responsibly as these are tough times for a lot of people. That said, if you need any tips for a good bottle let me know, I have been to many a gin festival! This is McHenry’s, made in Tassie, its fun fact is that it’s the Gin of Parliament. We now all know why the pollies are a little crazy…..

One last tip! Go to stand outside for me…….

Now, if anyone asks…. you’re outstanding!!!!!!


Angela Byrt – Myotherapist