Guys Fantastic New Pain Relief Device

This tiny device will help with your pain.

Introducing the Newest toy which Guy is using to help treat pain management.

This treatment is a new non-invasive form of therapeutic electrotherapy delivered through a device the size of a TV remote. There are few in practice and they are neuro stimulators. I use the latest German device introduced into Australia in 2015 known as “Physiokey” which uses high amplitude, high density, biofeedback stimulation to cutaneous nerves which in turn activate the body’s natural pain relieving and self-regulating mechanisms.

How does it work?

The Physiokey-type therapy can locate an area of pain and also measure the extent of the body imbalances. The Physiokey device then delivers electrical impulses that can be moved across a wide skin area. Stimulation of the nerve pathways by the device occurs in a biofeedback fashion, which means the device listens to the body signals (through the brain response) and readjust its emitting signals accordingly to enable optimal treatment outcome.
Physiokey is well suited to address both acute and chronic pain through the different impulses that it can deliver. In an acute case the device can deliver its signals through very light touch on the skin without eliciting a pain response from the patient, e.g a swollen sprained ankle can now be treated at a very early stage.

How is the treatment carried out?

The Physiokey device first measures the nature and intensity of the painful area, and the treatment follows by brushing the device on the affected area. The patient will feel a painless tingling sensation as the device delivers electrical impulses (very low level) into the skin. Treatment time varies with the nature of the pain, usually between 5-15 min.

I have now incorporated the Physiokey as part of my treatment toolbox and so far have found it to be very effective.

– Gaetan Limsowtin | Guy is currently available for Myotherapy appointments on Saturdays between 9am and 2pm.