How to Wipe Out Lower Back Pain and Get Back on the Board

As we begin our descent into summer, more and more aussies make their way towards the beach. Whether you’re swimming, surfing, or paddle boarding, we all enjoy the therapeutic effects of salt water and sea breezes.

Unfortunately, many surfers are obstructed by the effects of lower back pain, sometimes resulting in them having to hinder or give up the sport. Acute and chronic pain the lower back is the most commonly reported injury by surfers.

Just as our gear requires maintenance to prolong the lifespan of the materials (i.e., rinsing off a wetsuit with cold water after being in the water), our bodies need a regular routine exercise and maintenance to prevent symptoms such as tight, stiff, and spasming muscles.

Here are some examples of stretches to get you on your way to doing aerials in no time!
** Disclaimer: stretches may not give ability to perform aerials **

Childs pose – Stretches lats, gluts, and muscles along spine

–  Add stretch to this pose by moving both hands to one side and hold for 10 seconds. Repeat this action 10 times on each side.




Book openings – Improves mobility of upper back

– Focus of this exercise is to not allow the hips to rotate back. The more stable the hips are, the greater the stretch is for your back

– ensure that your head and neck rotate towards the side of the top arm when completing this pose

Threading the needle stretch – Stretches Traps, rotator cuff, rhomboid and lower back muscles.

– To increase thoracic curve in this exercise, start by pulling your belly in and over rounding your natural spinal curve in the middle of your back.

Don’t forget to warm up your arms, shoulders, chest, legs and ankles before hitting the water too! Some great stretching techniques for the rest of the body can be found here:

If you have any concerns regarding acute or chronic pain in relation to surfing please consult one of our therapists at Myotherapy and Allied Health Geelong Pty Ltd.

– Amanda Kovacev | Myotherapist