Jaw Pain And TMJ (Temporomandibular Joint)

The jaw is the most complicated joint in the body and jaw pain is often behind a lot of headaches and facial pain.

Many people find their jaws’ click, pop or grind when they chew, talk or laugh. Sometimes this is perfectly normal but if you find you experience this often or it’s painful, it could be coming from your TMJ. Some people will find the problem more annoying than painful, but when it’s painful it can cause a lot of distress.

I’ve had clients who were told they grind at night and their dentists have recommended splints, but it’s important to look into why you are grinding. It may be that you are grinding from tension in the muscles involved in opening and closing the jaw or even because of emotional stress. This is where Myotherapy and Bowen may be able to help. I’ve seen patients who have ordered splints, then come to see me for one or two treatments and haven’t needed the splints anymore, much to their relief!

This shows Myoptherapy and Bowen can be great alternatives to painful and expensive procedures or surgery that may be unsuccessful and/or are risky. At the very least, if you think you might need a more serious medical procedure, it doesn’t hurt to stop by and see if there is anything we can do for you first.

– Tom McLeod