Olivia’s Hips and Bowen

Thought I would share my story of how Bowen prevented my 3 month old daughter Olivia from having hip surgery. She was diagnosed with non clicking hip dysplasia which wasn’t relocating therefore wouldn’t respond to conservative treatment (bracing) and would need surgery at 5 months old to cut the tight tendons and ligaments to allow the hip to relocate followed by 3months of plaster and 3 months of bracing. The surgeon also said it would be a miracle to avoid surgery and to return in 2 weeks for a follow up. In that time I began treating everyday with the basics pelvic and illacus and to our great surprise and relief and the surgeons it made the difference the hip was relocating and a conservative approach would now work. We are now in a brace and the hip is improving everyday.
The magic of Bowen

Hip dysplasia

Hip dysplasia

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