Practitioners - Angela Byrt

Angela Byrt


Angela Byrt has been heavily involved in Athletics for many years and has seen the brilliant results health practitioners can achieve in helping aid recovery, through rehab or preventing injuries.

She sought a career in the health field after having had personal success with Myotherapy. She believed this would be a great way to help others get their best results possible. Since becoming a Myotherapist in 2008 she’s learnt a lot about muscular and myofascial pain. This is the basis of many of her treatments.

Ange's areas of special interest include:

  • rehabilitation of lower limb tendinopathy
  • office worker shoulders
  • dry needling

Angela is very passionate about her job. Being able to help clients with pain is one of the aspects of her job that she loves. Helping them to get up from treatments and being able to walk pain free, or coming back after one treatment amazed that the pain they have been putting up with for years has significantly reduced or gone, is why she does what she does.

Fun facts about Ange:

Ange is a first born twin.

Ange is an established runner, and has even competed with the Australian Relay team.

She also lays claim to being the National Monopoly champion.

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