Prevent Common Lower Leg Injuries By 69% With This Injury Prevention Warm Up

We have created an injury prevention warm up for local sporting clubs and coaches based on FIFA, and current research into injury prevention. Our aim is to help reduce common lower limb injuries by up to 69%.

Hamstring strains are the leading cause of missed game time, and women are 5 times more liking to do their ACL. By increasing strength training into your warm up, you will dramatically reduce soft tissue injuries.

If your team will benefit from this here’s the PDF link. Feel free to pass this onto your coach!

When implementing this program, please be mindful of your athlete’s fitness and conditioning level. Reducing reps and limiting the number of exercises may be appropriate on training days.

Coaches are welcome to contact Tom or Ange on (03) 52222358, or email for specific questions regarding your team.

Please note: injury prevention programs are theoretical and based on season averages.