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[title type=”h3″]Spikey Massage balls[/title]
Spikey Massage Balls can be utilised for self massage exercises to reduce muscle tension and stimulate the effects of sports massage.

[title type=”h3″]Archies Arch Support Thongs[/title]
Archies Thongs provide the same amount of support that you would find in a typical orthotic, whilst still looking just like ‘normal’ thongs. Archies Thongs are unbelievably comfortable and once you try them on you will never want to take them off!
Archies thongs





[title type=”h3″]Fisiocrem 60g[/title]
Fisiocrem is an effective, massage cream to care for the muscles and ligaments following injury related to daily activity or intense physical exercise, and for temporary relief of muscular aches and pains.

[title type=”h3″]TheraBand[/title]
TheraBand latex Exercise Bands are available in color-coded levels of resistance. Proper use of these systems for resistive exercise provides both positive and negative force on the muscles, improving strength, range of motion and cooperation of muscle groups.

[title type=”h3″]Foam Posture pole[/title]
Delivering an effective in-home pain relief from posture related issues

[title type=”h3″]Complete Sleeprrrr pillows[/title]
Totally adjustable pillow – Suits any body shape
Therapeutically contoured and designed by health professionals to give you the perfect neck support & alignment a memory foam pillow can offer.

[title type=”h3″]Foam Roller[/title]

Perfect for positioning, balance, postural and muscle re-education, spinal stabilization, body awareness and co-ordination and various ranging and strengthening activities


Foam Roller


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[title type=”h3″]Heat Packs[/title]
100% Australian Made Natural Lupin Heat Pack – The all natural alternative to relieve aches and pains. Suitable for all parts of the body. Heat Therapy Lupin (Better than wheat) Bag – Square
• Quick microwave for easy heating.
• Freeze and use as a cold pack.
• Suitable for all parts of the body.
• No odour.
• 30% lighter than heat therapy wheat packs / wheat bags.
• Made from Australian lupins.
• Allergy and odour free.
• Not treated with chemicals or fungicides.
• Heat in lupin Heat Packs is Longer lasting and faster to heat than traditional wheat bags.


[title type=”h5″]Rectangle heat pack[/title]

[title type=”h5″]Shoulder heat pack[/title]

[title type=”h5″]Back and hip heat pack[/title]

[title type=”h5″]Square heat pack[/title]


Reflex Balls

Reflex Balls can be used for a variety of self-massage techniques with individualized density and acuity.


reflex ball







Sports Tape

Serated edge for easy application and is available in single rolls.


sports tape