Spikey Ball Demonstration

Spikey ball demonstration

Tom and Ange demonstrate in this video how to use a Spikey ball (or trigger point ball) to release your glutes.

It is best to start off really gently with a spikey ball rather than provocatively, because they are very hard and can hurt.

If you roll on the ball gently (as demonstrated in the clip) you can get a response without having to be too torturous. Alternatively, you could try this against the wall by holding it in position.

As you get more experienced with the Spikey ball you can come up onto your hands, and roll on the ball (as demonstrated) to release your the gluteus maximusgluteus medius and gluteus minimus. These are often involved in a lot of lower back and hip pain. If we can release these easily at home it will save you having to come in as often.