Structural Integration

What is Anatomy Trains Structural Integration (ATSI)?

ATSI is a method of bringing the locomotor and sensory systems of a human being to a new level of integrated function. The approach can be used to correct postural misalignments, ease myofascial pain and restrictions, improve movement, resolve somato-emotional difficulties, or evolve a more allied and complete body image.

Some of our favourite defining hallmarks of the term “Integration” include:

  • Structural alignment
  • Greater kinaesthetic and body awareness
  • Resiliency/An improved ability to handle more and stay balanced through times of injuries and stress
  • Reduce pain
  • Decreased restrictions in movement
  • Feeling length and openness in your body

Based on the pioneering work of Ida Rolf, Ph.D., Thomas Myers further developed the work in 1990’s. He studied with Ida Rolf directly since 1976 and has created his own lineage of treatment using the Anatomy Trains Myofascial Meridians. These map the fascial connectivity through the muscles, bones and ligaments, linking them into functional patterns throughout the body.

Who can benefit from structural integration?


  • If you suffer from chronic pain and tension in your body
  • If you are looking to improve your overall postural and movement
  • If you are physically active and want to improve mobility and prevent potential injury
  • If you are still feeling the long-term effects of an accident or injury
  • If you have not found solution to your pain through physiotherapy, chiropractic, massage therapy or other traditional methods

ATSI is delivered as a systematic series of 12 sessions. You will gain the most benefit by committing to the 12-series as we will follow all 12 Anatomy Trains Myofascial Meridians and tie them together with integrating sessions. In 12-series, we focus on very stubborn postural, movement and pain patterns that have been with you for quite some times. Our body takes time to change and these sessions together over 3-4 months allows us opportunity to address those patterns. The series begins with the first 4 sessions addressing the superficial layers of the body in preparation for deeper work, the 5th to 8th sessions dive into the body’s core support systems, and the last 4 sessions integrate the previous 8 sessions. The 12-series is very effective for chronic pain or multiple nagging injuries.

You can also experience ATSI and see its positive effects on your body through the 3-series or single session. It’s helpful in releasing minor tensional patterns that originate from structural imbalances.

“We don’t want to ‘impose’ good posture on top of that accumulation of compensations but rather progressively de-compensate them to ‘expose’ the essential individual within.”

                                                                                                                                  – Tom Myers

What is involved?

During our initial session, detailed health history will be taken, current issues and treatment goals are discussed. A snap shot photo of your current posture in your underwear, shots or bathers will be taken by your devices. From where we will move into a posture and movement assessment. The sessions will be done on the treatment table, some seated on the table or in standing movement.

What can I wear during the sessions?

Most sessions are conducted in running shorts for men and a bra and yoga / running shorts for women. You should be comfortable and feel secure enough to move around on and off the table. We can work within most people’s comfort level but the more that we can see and access, the better results you will have with the treatment. Please speak to us if you have any reservations about clothing options before attending your appointment.