What is the Best Therapy For You? Ange Gives You The Low Down

‘So what’s the difference between Myo, Osteo and Physio?’ This is the age-old question we get asked 100 times a day. Whilst Myo is still in its infancy and not as well known as the other therapies, we expect this question and love it.

Guess what? There is NO difference between all these therapies! We are all outcome driven practitioners with the aim of empowering you guys (our patients) to be able to self-manage and reach the goals you were after when seeking our help/guidance. Most importantly you need to find someone who works with you and for you….. Luckily for you, you have one of us right here to fill that void!

So why Myo? Ok so I/we have a slightly biased opinion regarding Myotherapy. But that said, we are passionate about growing the Myotherapy name as you can probably tell. Best therapy going around if you ask me! We combine a skilful hands-on treatment with a whole lot of knowledge to give you the best outcome possible.

Personally I love my job, which often doesn’t feel like a job, it’s a nice feeling. This industry isn’t one you can be in without being passionate and interested in learning more and being the best therapist, you can be. All of us here love what we do and put our patients first. Come on in or send that friend/family member that won’t stop complaining about there aches/pains, we shall sort them out and save your ears!!