About Us

We are an established clinic with a large team of experienced practitioners. The Principal Myotherapists in our team (and Practice Managers) are Tom McLeod and Angela Byrt.

The clinic has a welcoming entry and a friendly reception team. We have limited off street client parking with entry on Fenwick Place.

All of our practitioners are fully qualified and registered allowing private health fund rebates on the spot.

What We Can Do

Did You Know?

Myotherapy is a cost effective alternative to other physical therapies such as Physiotherapy and Chiropractic. Myotherapy is a very successful treatment for more than just pain.  Having experience treating a diverse clientele allows us to help resolve stiffness and soreness with muscle manipulation in a variety of people.

Retirees/ Grey nomad’s/ aging population

Getting older comes with some great highs (like travel) but can also come with some lows. Luckily we can help you.

Is your golf swing off tee? Arthritis getting you down? Can’t bend to make your bowl? Joint pain? Lifting those cute but heavy grandchildren?

We are able to relieve some pain and stiffness in the area, which may increase that golf swing and ultimately allow you to maintain your current lifestyle.

Babies, Children and pregnancy

Growing pains? Non clicking hip dysplasia? Feeding or colic problems? Carrying those heavy school back packs? (having it on two shoulders sure does help though!) Looking down at all those devices?

Check out Tom’s blog about Oliva’s hips, it’s well worth a read.

Getting onto these childhood niggles can help relieve those growing pains. Ensuring those bad habits are kicked early on will allow for a long and prosperous life.

Pain during pregnancy (such as back pain, neck pain and headache is common); but we can help ease the pain with gentle techniques that are safe for you and your baby.

Weekend warriors/athletes

Training for Run Geelong can be hard work! Those shins sure do take a beating. As Myotherapists we can assist you in your training and recovery.

Wanting to keep your body at its peak for your chosen sport? Reduce that general muscle soreness? Get you km’s to 5 mins? Keeping your body in check will go a long way to achieving your goals.

You and me

Most of us have suffered from soreness and stiffness in our bodies. This can be caused from many things including stress, work or generally being fatigued. If you’ve read this far you’ve probably got the gist by now but one more time! Myotherapy has the ability to increase your movement so you can do the head check in the car or tie your shoes.

Inform, Relieve, Empower. Patients with muscular pain, stiffness and injuries

Our Therapists

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