Myotherapy treats muscle aches, pains and injuries caused by over activity, under activity, acute and chronic conditions and trigger points.

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Myotherapy is a conservative treatment working on muscles, tendons, nerves and ligaments.

  • Are you suffering with muscular aches or joint pains?
  • Is a sporting, dance or repetitive injury slowing you down?
  • Is neck, back, shoulder, knee or ankle pain a concern?

Myotherapy could be the answer for you.

Myotherapy may help treat:
Headaches and neck pain | Jaw pain and sinus pain | Frozen shoulder | Carpal tunnel | Arthritic knee pain | Tennis elbow | Hand and thumb Pain | Chest and Rib Pain | Lower back and sciatic pain | Disc injury and bulges | Groin impingement and pain | Migraines | Muscle strains and tears | Gait problems | Knee strains | Ankle and foot problems | Shin pain and calf pain | Nerve pain

What should you expect in a treatment?

Your Myotherapist will take a detailed history, then assess your injury or condition by assessing your range of movements. They may use special tests to form a clinical diagnosis. They will normally then treat your condition with a hands on approach which may include massage techniques, dry needling or mobilisation. The therapist will then educate you on rehab and expectations relating to your condition. This may up to 45 minutes. The Myotherapist would normally treat through clothing when possible, but de-robing may be required depending on clothing.